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Wilsons Power Washing 2017 Redesign

Wilsons Power Washing 2017 Redesign

Wilson's Power Washing & Sealing is a company specializing in pressure cleaning that services the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas. We began doing business with them in the early months of 2017 and got to work refreshing the design into something that appeared sleeker and more modern.

Project Overview

  • Design and build a new site in our SBCore system with a new look and feel

The original site was built in Wordpress using a modified, premade template. Our new design focused on using several core colors and ensuring that the user's eye would be drawn to the most important elements on the pages.

Coding the site was straightforward, adhering to a minimalistic, clean layout that allows prospective clients to find what they are looking and view examples of the company's work.


This post will be updated soon with an overview of traffic improvements after SEO services.

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By Mack Ward 8-1-2017

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