About Us

Reality Concepts has been a force in the industry since 1998. Brad Bombardiere has well over a decade of experience in Internet Marketing, Web Design, Web Development and Search Engine Optimization. Our team as built over 300 web sites, and the experience of Reality Concepts has proved to be an asset to many companies. We have also developed budget-minded programs for small businesses and startup companies. Reality Concepts has worked with many top companies internationally, using expertise in both web design and search engine marketing. No matter what the budget, Reality Concepts has a program that fits your needs.

A Personal Experience

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a very close and transparent relationship with our clients. We can provide a level of attention to our clients that is simply not possible with large firms. Small changes and adjustments to websites can often be completed within hours, not days.

Meet Our Team

Brad Bombardiere

I played 8-bit video games back when they where cool and cutting edge and not just nostalgic. My first computer was a Commodore 64 (look it up). I have been designing, building and marketing web sites for home builders and service companies since 1998. In internet years (like dog years) I have 112 years of experience. I have attended Red Rocks College in Denver, Colorado for design and programming. In my off time I brew beer, listen to audio books, beat my friends at Fantasy Football, and cry over the Broncos loss in the Super Bowl.

Renae Bombardiere

Renae: Half of what powers Renae is the glue that holds Reality Concepts together and the other half is pixie dust. A Disney aficionado by preference and a well organized structured lady by nature, she is the road traffic controller of all the clients, money, and happenings here at RealityCo. A lover of books, animals, and popcorn; on any given day you will find Renae in the kitchen in her polka-dot apron whipping up her famous homemade brownies. Just kidding, her brownies come out like floor tiles but are eminent in the family nonetheless.

Emily Cuff

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up Emily would always say an artist. Graphic design was a nice amalgam of gadgets, which she loves, and art, which she’s obsessed with. When she isn’t in her natural habitat, which is in front of a computer in a band hoodie, you can either find her snowboarding, watching Netflix, or drinking espresso. It is time to bring this bio to a close mostly because who can fit what you’re all about in a tiny box? Also, her black cat, Sketch, is walking across the keyboard. ngvkfjdnsdfjkgnlkjanf

Mack Ward

Mack has been interested in anything with a screen ever since he was a puny human larva. The technology behind the media we see was always of interest to him. Everytime he would watch a film or play a video game, he always wanted to know what it was that went into it creating that experience. This curiosity made the dive into web design a natural fit, since it was a chance to build a type of experience of his own from a precise pattern of 1s and 0s. A painter can run out of paint, a builder can run out of lumber. But digital designs are limited only by imagination. And also bandwidth, memory, time etc. Whatever.

Mack lives happily with his beautiful wife, Hunter, and their two black puddles that some people claim are cats.

Jacque Hess

What does every office need? An energizer bunny. Someone that you can rely on and will just keep going if that is the need. Jacque is the energizer bunny of Reality Concepts, so to speak. She answers phones, does data input, and ties up loose ends of any flailing loose strings we throw at her. When not at work, Jacque participates in full-time volunteer work, making people’s lives better. She loves animals and has rescued all four of her pets. If there was medal to give here at Reality Concepts Jacque would be wearing it.