What We Do

Reality Concepts is a full service Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing Group. At Reality Concepts we focus on how to make your business successful. Designing, building and launching your website is just the first step. After your website has launched we focus on how to make your site an important part of your company marketing. How do we do that? We focus on capture and conversion, getting people to your website and then converting them into buyers and not just browsers. Our websites have to do a lot more than just look good; they have to perform for you, and that is why you built the website in the first place.

Web Design

Personalized Web Design

You weren’t created off a template so why should your site be? You and your business are unique which is why we offer personalized web design. When we start the design process of your site, we will consider your likes and dislikes and what aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Not only will your site look stunning it will work seamlessly across all platforms. The design process will start with a meeting where we go over our design survey and we will discern which direction to go in for your site design. We will then start the design of your homepage. We will meet again and go over the look of the newly designed homepage. Pending approval, we will then move onto the most pertinent interior pages. We try to make this process as seamless and efficient as possible.


SEO & Internet Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and every business’ site needs it if you want to be found online. We combine years of experience in the industry to provide a targeted SEO strategy that will elevate your site on search engines. Combining social media, brand focused blog articles, pay-per-click adword campaigns, and reputation management to give your company the strongest web presence. A lot of companies will make SEO sound like it is a smoke and mirrors approach that is difficult to understand. At Reality Concepts, we will meet with you on a weekly basis explain the processes and go over the strategy and where the site can improve, and how we will reach every goal you have for your company’s site. We promise to make your SEO strategy easy to understand and straight forward.


Hosting & CMS Systems

Every website needs a home, and Reality Concepts is happy to provide one. We offer a very competetive price to house your site on a reliable, high-speed server with secure protocols.
Additionally, our designed-from-scratch content management systems are designed to be lightweight, easy to work with, blazing fast to load, and flexible enough to build anything. With our systems, which we call SBCore (for everyone) and HBCore (for homebuilders), we can quickly build sites with custom designs that everyone will love. You will love it, your visitors will love it, and the search engines will love it.


Custom Web Interfaces

Do you have a really wild idea that needs something truly custom? Or are you tired of working with a tedious and unintuitive tool that your business is stuck with and looking to upgrade? Whatever the case, can build something for you. We have designed a multitude of tools to streamline workflows for specific tasks both for ourselves and for our clients. For example, we weren't happy with third-party task management software, so we built our own to our own specifications. Whatever your needs, we can help you find a way to streamline your workflow and build a tool that will let you maximize your efficiency.

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