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Whether you’re a small business owner, director of a mid-sized business or a representative of a multi-national corporation, we have scalable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages using optimized web design specifically crafted to fit your needs. We create a targeted SEO plan, put it into action and share the results with you. We believe that transparency and working in partnership with the client to get the most from a SEO web development plan is the hallmark of a professional SEO company.

We recognize that today’s market demands more than just a fine-tuned organic SEO plan. It requires an active, positive and savvy social media presence. To maximize your business’s web presence, we create, manage and promote your social media profiles across the major social networks. Just for a start, you’ll see your business launched on all of the major social networks so you can interact with your current clients while attracting new ones. More than that, we’ll expand your presence to new social sites as they emerge.

Our Search Engine Optimization and Integrated Search Engine Marketing services include:

Syndicated Articles

Companies with a national presence or even smaller businesses wishing to create brand and product awareness can benefit from syndicated article marketing. Syndicated articles placed on hundreds of news sites create a relationship between your brand and major content publishers producing "backlinks" that direct thousands of hits to your site and make it more attractive to search engines.


With the explosion of video content on the Internet, video has become a primary medium for attracting online customers. We help your business professionally produce and distribute video content that puts your company ahead of the competition. Your videos will be viewed on hundreds of social sites as well as the best known video sites to take full advantage of viral marketing. And we guarantee that your videos won’t be lost in the vast video stream. We’ll drive traffic to your videos and optimize them to show up in the search results for your top keywords.

Incentive Advertising

Are you currently managing a pay-per-click marketing campaign with Google AdWords or Bing AdCenter? Maybe you’ve become frustrated and discouraged by the results. We can turn that around by optimizing your pay-per-click campaigns to result in quality traffic at a lower cost. We can analyze your campaign and specific ads to see they appear on sites with content that provides a complement to your business or product. We’ll also help you create ads that will get them prominent placement on those sites. Finally, we'll add the installation conversion tracking codes to gauge actual results so that you'll know you're getting the most out of your campaigns.

Reputation Management

You have worked hard on your professional reputation, but keeping your good name means acting proactively. A bad review can spawn a nightmare scenario with real monetary costs as it gets replicated and magnified across the social spectrum. With our active monitoring of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a multitude of other social sites, you don’t have to worry. Your reputation will be safe with us as we assist in accentuating your already positive image while searching out negative comments and isolating them from search results.

Above all, our SEO services are implemented in a targeted and transparent manner while getting the results you want. If you've had enough bad experiences with SEO companies that promise more than what they can produce, contact Reality Concepts today and get guaranteed results.

Real, Local Business Leads

Depending on the type of business you run, locality can be very important. If you own a grout cleaning company in Denver, you wouldn’t have much use for internet traffic coming from the other side of the country. So why waste resources trying to support a large advertising sphere where the vast majority of people reached will click on without a second thought when you can instead focus those resources on attracting the traffic that can actually use the service you’re providing?

If you were fishing for a particular type of fish, you could cast a wide net that gets you all sorts of varieties. But if only about 1% were actually the kind of fish you were looking for, and the rest get thrown back, that might not be the most effective method. But if you could take a rod, use the bait that your fish likes and go to where they are, you'd likely catch a lot more usable fish in the same amount of time with less waste.

We optimize your site to be found by those people who matter: the ones that can actually be turned into real business leads. For many businesses, this means finding and being easily found by the people in your local area who need what you’re offering. Reality Concepts uses a variety of techniques to optimize your business in local search results while never resorting to “blackhat” SEO methods.

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