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Web Design

When a builder constructs a physical structure, he could be hindered by material costs and physical limits. But in the world of web design, those limits all but disappear. The only real limit to what can be designed and brought to life on the web is your own imagination. At Reality Concepts, we believe that web sites should beautiful, functional and intuitive to use.

Our specialty is primarily creating sites for home builders, new home communities and service-based businesses. Each site comes fully Search Engine Optimized and includes a range of features tailored to the needs of the client. We don't take a One Size Fits All approach. Every customer is unique, and their site should reflect that. Our award-winning design team focuses on building clear, consistent and concise websites. Your site should be a gateway between you and your target audience. One that is easy and engaging to use, and able to convey to the customer what they need to know.

Unique, Intuitive and Responsive

With a site built from the ground up, you can have something truly unique and specifically suited to your brand. Your responsive site can adapt to the device it is displayed on. Features designed to work with anything from desktop setups to small touch screens make it a breeze to navigate on any device. Interactive features, including advanced CSS animations, Google Maps integration, photo galleries, and much more.

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