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Site of the Month: Harden Communications

Site of the Month: Harden Communications

Near the end of 2021, Reality Concepts started work on a brand-new website for Harden Communications, a Colorado business specializing in Structured Cabling, Hikvision CCTV Security Cameras, and Avaya IP Office services. Harden Communications has been doing business for over 30 years. At our Reality Concepts offices, we have really learned the value of good structured cabling through the years. Keeping your equipment’s wires organized and out of the way always makes maintenance and upgrades to our setups go much smoother. And Harden Communications is able to provide that on an even larger scale.

Additionally, they provide multiple scales of both corporate and residential security solutions through the sales and installation of Hikvision CCTV Security Cameras. Reality Concepts uses Hikvision cameras at their office for security. They have proved to be very effective and efficient.

For businesses in need of phone and communication systems for their offices, Harden Communications is also able to provide that. They partner with Avaya IP Office in order to provide the highest level of quality and support to their client base.

From the beginning, we designed the site to be clean, fast, and responsive. The design flourishes on the site were intended to match the redesigned logo, with dynamic animations that make everything smoothly slide into place as the user scrolls through the pages. Getting the angled elements throughout the site to lay out and animate smoothly without overflowing or clashing was a fun challenge for the coder.

The site also makes use of SB-Core’s (our proprietary CMS) modular database system, which allows us to quickly generate many customizable pages for their services in a short time and link them up easily using a thumbnail template.

Some of the pages, such as this info page for Hikvision Security Cameras, featured a lot of text that had to be presented in a way that was not too messy or overwhelming. In the end, we decided to break up the content into collapsible chunks with accompanying images that were easy to parse at a glance. Each section collapses into a neat little stack when the page is viewed on smaller-sized screens. As always, we work to create a site that is fully responsive on all devices. The site can be used fully on both small touchscreen devices and large desktop screens.

Once we had finished designing and coding the site, we launched it early 2022. While we continue to host the site, we also provide ongoing SEO and social media support for Harden Communications.

By Reality Concepts 8-16-2022

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