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What Is Brand Strategy and Do You Need One?

What Is Brand Strategy and Do You Need One?

Our team at Reality Concepts has worked with a wide range of companies. And we take the time to get to know each one to set out and build the best website for them with the right marketing strategy to target their client base. One thing that helps us get to know a company better is when a client has a clear brand strategy. Having a clear brand strategy influences web traffic, company reputation, brand loyalty, and website conversion rate. But what exactly is a brand strategy and how can you create one for your company?

Brand Strategy - What Is It?

First thing first, brand identity and brand strategy are two separate concepts. And while you need both to run a successful business, each pertains to different things. Brand identity is the foundation of your company. Knowing what your brand identity is will help you to make creative decisions and influence marketing efforts. Your brand identity should help you determine what colors will represent your company on your website and what type of content you will put out.

Your brand identity is a part of your brand strategy. Your brand strategy is the bigger picture. It describes what your business is, why it exists, what needs you fill, and how you wish to be perceived.

How to Create a Solid Brand Strategy

A good brand strategy should be able to tell people who you are and what your goals are in a concise manner. You don’t need volumes of pages of material outlining your strategy. Simple is best. To determine what your brand strategy should be, you’ll need to do three things.


First you should go about researching the market you will be competing in. Assess Google Analytics, track keywords relating to your business, see what kind of questions people are asking regarding your industry.


Once you have gathered a bit of information together, schedule a strategy session with your partners. Share insights with one another, brainstorm, ask questions. All of these things can help you to refine your brand identity. After the session you should know your purpose, values, personality, and audience.


Finally, you want to create brand identity guidelines. This will help you know how to perform and operate as you begin doing business. And when a question about how to handle something comes up, you can reference your guidelines to get guidance on how best to proceed. Include legal guidelines, copy guidelines, and design guidelines. Of course, this is not a complete guide on creating a brand strategy, it’s just a brief overview. But hopefully, it is clear to see that having a brand strategy is important to the success of your business. And when you are ready to include your internet presence as a part of that strategy, our Reality Concepts team would love to help you with that.

By Reality Concepts 12-27-2022