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Site of the Month: Hampton & Pigott

Site of the Month: Hampton & Pigott

Hampton & Pigott is a Denver based law firm. Their team of partners and associates cover a wide range of legal fields from family law all the way to criminal defense. They needed a site that had a clean and professional look that reflected their services.

Crisp lines and sharp edges paired with bold, powerful colors helped achieve a striking, no- nonsense site. Dark gray gradients provided the perfect background for the red theme to stand out, and the clean white accents perfectly framed the elements of the site. Red is a color theme that you can see carried through the entire site as it conveys the powerful, winning expertise this team of lawyers brings to the table.

Their site also uses diagonal angles to communicate visual interest that is not too busy. These hard diagonal angles were a fun challenge to translate into pure CSS.

At the request of the client, we incorporated multiple forms of animation into the site. As the user scrolls, different elements smoothly fade and slide into place. This effect was achieved with a combination of scripts to detect the user’s scroll position and dynamic CSS properties to get the elements to move into position. It also includes fallback for older browsers that are not capable of displaying the animations. Contact info that sweeps into view gives the feeling that the Hampton & Pigott team can sweep in to assist you, and images that fall into place as you scroll the length of the pages lend to a satisfying viewing experience. Logos that spin when scrolled into view keep the browser engaged and intrigued.

As was mentioned, Hampton & Pigott’s team of attorneys handle a wide range of legal fields. With each practice area page housing many more specific practice area pages, this site takes full advantage of our database system in order to create a miniature encyclopedia of legal terms. This makes navigating the site easy and intuitive for browsers and potential clients.

By Reality Concepts 9-27-2022