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A Closer Look into the New Facebook Privacy Update

Facebook, in light of recent criticism involving it privacy policies, has made several drastic measures to guarantee the security of its website and the privacy of its users. Facebook is a prime target for identity theft and other such crimes. Hackers and other people who would attempt to breach Facebook’s security setup would be rewarded handsomely; emails, phone numbers, addresses, and other private information is prominently displayed and valuable. This information is in high demand, and many could easily profit off such material.

Private Security
Facebook, however, is already one step ahead of the game. Facebook’s chief of security, Joe Sullivan, has recently deployed a new tactic to target such attacks on private security. The program, dubbed the “Bounty Bug Program,” involves employing independent researchers (known to many as hackers) to seek possible bugs and security risks in Facebook’s current security setup.

User-Friendly System
Privacy, however, is not limited solely to hackers and others with malicious intent. A Facebook user may not want coworkers and family members to view photos and posts meant exclusively for friends. Facebook has addressed this concern by creating a user-friendly system for controlling which aspects of a user’s profile is available for viewing by preselected groups of people. Such a system allows users to control who is allowed to see which wall post, photo, etc.

New Features
Facebook has also recently announced a slew of features designed to improve personal privacy. The user interface has been drastically improved to facilitate privacy among its user base. A brand new system of approving tagged photos has been added; users now have the option of approving or rejecting tagged pictures before they are displayed on their wall. Under this new system, spam and other such problems will be swiftly removed as a new option to block someone will remove all photos, wall posts, and notes a Facebook user has been tagged in.

Group Feature
Facebook’s group feature has also been vastly improved. While the ability to create groups to monitor which Facebook friends see which part of a Facebook profile has always been available, a recent set of developments improves drastically on this system. In a particular, the option to specify who may see each post, status, video, or picture is an innovative and welcome development. In addition, a new feature has been added to allow a user to view his profile from the perspective of others. This allows a Facebook user to see the profile from the perspective of a best friend, mother, or boss to make sure all content is appropriate and well-placed.

This new slew of recently announced privacy features brings Facebook to a new level of privacy protection. These significant changes to Facebook will ensure its users a stress free environment and a more custom privacy policy. Facebook users can consider their private data secure; they can also consider their private posts and pictures safe from the prying eyes of their employer.

By Brad Bombardiere 9-29-2016