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Green Haven Homes Conversion Case Study

Green Haven Homes Conversion Case Study

Green Haven Homes is a home builder located in the Oklahoma City area. We started working with the company in early 2016, with the original site we designed with them launched within a few weeks. Near the end of the year, a new look for the new year was discussed and soon after, a redesigned home page and color scheme was decided on.

Project Overview

  • Conversion of home page into a long, continous scroll
  • Heavy use of CSS animations during scroll while maintaining responsive design
  • Update the color scheme and layouts of other pages to match the new look and feel

The original site was a very simple, clean design that used splashes of color to stand out from the white background, and the new version was no different, albeit with a more diverse and soft color palette and more of an emphasis on photography. Creating the new version was straightforward in many ways, but making sure the animations worked effectively without compromising the responsive nature of the site was a challenge. In the end, it all came together in a timely manner.


This post will be updated soon with an overview of traffic improvements after SEO services.

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By Mack Ward 1-9-2017

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