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Social Media And SEO A Winning Connection

Search Engine Optimization is essential for all ecommerce sites to figure in organic search results seen by the surfing public. Using various marketing strategies to get a higher search ranking, means incorporating social media marketing as well, and make the two work in tandem. This is because leading search engines like Google give significant weightage to social media and also use it to access the freshness of content and its quality. So e-tailers need to give importance to social media and ensure that it is linked to their SEO efforts.

SEO necessitates the use of good, informative and appealing content that is relevant to the products in question. The content has to be easy to understand, increase knowledge and clear doubts. Once published, the content needs to be popularized through social media and various marketing channels have to be used to popularize this content across a large group of target clientele. Similarly new content, with a unique perspective, new ideas and original thoughts, can be successfully popularized through social media like Twitter and Facebook. This spreads a small piece, virally and goes beyond the core group into the ocean beyond. People increasingly use their social profiles to spread such piece to their networks.

The best outcomes for an ecommerce site are to see their products, content and reviews, getting hundereds of “like” hits, figure in tweets and get emailed to networks. This leads to a chain reaction that converts into huge business opportunities. The key to success is in the extended reach of the content, reach that gets extended even further through social media.

How to use social media campaigns for SEO success

Social campaigns are beneficial for SEO as well. Each time any information, content or article is shared, a page with a distinctive URL is automatically created, and this has a back link to the article being shared. The number of people getting access to the content then multiplies manifold, since they further share good content with their network. A ‘like’ or ‘share’ is like a positive vote and signifies quality and useful information, and serve as social signals with SEO benefits.

The extent of knowledge and information sharing on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be gauged from the numbers disclosed. Facebook alone shares 4 billion bits of information everyday and Twitter posts 140 million tweets daily. Over 3 billion keywords are searched every day. This opens a world of opportunity to ecommerce owners who can use social media to sell, generate incomes and gain access to a global clientele. The secret lies in being able to catch the attention of those present n the social media, by publishing superior content and encourage people to share it with their networks. The effort put in brings instant results, and this helps to improve, learn from past failures to provide exactly what the audience wants.

By Brad Bombardiere 9-29-2016